Michael west, is an internationaly recognized Artist and sculptor. He works in mediums such as Bronze, Ceramics, Paint, Stone, and recycled materials, his work can be seen on line and in Gallery and exhibitions as far afield as London, Paris. New York, and Berlin. His unique artworks are held in private collections world wide. and his images many images are supported by poetry.

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 "Michael is a multi disciplined international artist and educator, who began his career as a self taught artist specializing in Classical sculpture. Over the recent years his art has evolved into 2d and 3d variations of his thoughts reflected in the broad spectrum that is art. It has also become more abstract and often demonstrates his critical view of social, political and cultural issues with a particular focus on how we as a race interact with nature and the world around us. He often recycles found objects and utilises things around himself, such as natural resources, to create his works. Creating without boundaries is the starting point that underpins his work. He believes as a society we undervalue our innate ability to create from our subconscious. He uses sign, symbol, color, and form which provide clues to content and interpretation. While he uses a variety of materials and processes his methodology is consistent. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the forms of the work. This process stimulates a visual dialogue between himself and his creations, that are predominantly metaphors for contemporary society. There may be many layers and meanings to his work in a combination of childhood and adult culture, enabling the work to have its own cryptic narrative." Toby Smith





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